AI in Sports: Transforming the Game

Overview of AI trends, investments, M&A activity, and remaining tech challenges.

Yuliya Sychikova
COO @ DataRoot Labs
12 May 2023
10 min read
AI in Sports: Transforming the Game

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every part of professional and amateur sports from athletes' performance optimization and workout personalization to automatic game arbitration and unseen fan engagement. Hence, it is not surprising that global AI in Sports market is expected to grow at 33% CAGR from 2020 to 2027 and reach a market value of over $3.5B by 2027. In this article, we explore the uses of AI in sports, emerging players and models, recent VC deals and exits as well as a path forward for the industry.

Drivers behind Sports industry transformation with Artificial intelligence

The popularity of wearables, penetration of smartphones acting as a hub for those wearables, availability of peripheral data including videos and images from games, and development of measuring sensors - are the main factors that propel the AI evolution of the sports industry.

It is not just about more sports data being available. We are now able to access deeper tracking data that is collected using Computer Vision or wearables allowing to perform a more insightful type of analysis and forecasting, both were impossible before AI.

So, what sports data is available to us? Box scores, event data, and tracking data help reconstruct the match or a particular performance. Video footage, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wearables track players' location and data from the radar can track ball trajectory.

GPS wearables collect additional data such as heart rate and betting data. In-venue data provides a better and safer fan experience during the game.

Finally, the meta data collected on each fan brings a personalized gaming experience and recommendations of future events.

In sports, AI has reached a point of advancement where it significantly transforms areas such as athlete performance metrics, game strategy formulation, injury mitigation, and fan interaction. AI's main competencies are its capacity to process and interpret extensive amounts of data for immediate decision-making, forecast event outcomes with high precision, and tailor fan experiences based on individual preferences.
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How exactly is AI changing the Sports industry?

Let's look at the applications of AI in Sports industry.

  • Player recruitment — By analyzing players' profiles (condition, goals, team fit, playing style), technology is changing the decision-making of the coach during the scouting process for buying and selling players and thus enabling the clubs to compose the best performing teams.

  • Coaching & training — Similarly, coaches can now use the analysis of each player's performance to make decisions before, during, and after the game. The real-time analytics during the game can assist coaches in making effective strategic moves such as best player substitution or most effective line-up.

  • Athletes' performance improvement — Smart wearables and sensors provide real-time insights into the health conditions and performance of athletes allowing for efficient training/exercise routines, nutrition plans, and sleep strategies.

  • Broadcasting — Automation of repetitive tasks such as game content cataloging is reduced to almost “real-time” thanks to AI which makes games fully searchable. Other applications in broadcasting include specific game segment retrieval, quicker content creation, automated captioning and subtitling, game highlights creation, video notifications, and scorecards on OTT Apps, as well as immersive game experience.

  • Predictive & Prescriptive analytics — Predictive analytics is using data to build models that can predict game outcomes, game simulations as well as foresee injury risks and forecast athlete performance based on biometric data in real time. With the advancement of AI, we hope coaches will soon receive prescriptive advice on the best course of action based on various available data.

  • Fan engagement — Thanks to AI, fans can enjoy access to increasingly complex stats on games, immersive game experience, viewing recommendations, access to data on athletes that coaches use to make decisions, personal treatment via communication with chatbots, and improved stadium logistics - all improve fan engagement and thus increase collected revenues.

  • Augmented Reality — AR is revolutionizing visual content streamed via phone, smart glasses, or other gadgets whether it is for in-stadium experiences or at-home fans looking for an immersive feeling from the comfort of their couch.

  • Other applications — In addition to the cases mentioned above, AI is also changing the role of the referee as it proved to be making better and fairer decisions. The betting industry will be going through major transformations as AI will be predicting winners and losers better than humans do now.

    Finally, AI will be developing new sports with the first example being Speedgate. Introduced by design agency AKQA, it merges concepts from croquet, rugby, and soccer, with six-player teams kicking a ball around a field with three gates.

    Additionally, Metaverse is creating totally new opportunities in Sports. While we are still a long way from meaningful confluence of digital and physical worlds, it is exciting to imagine its impact on fan engagement and general sports experience.

    The rise of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models make it possible to automatically write match reports that accurately summarize key events during the game in an engaging manner.

AI in Sports Emerging Players

Innovation landscape of venture funded startups in Sports + AI space.

We have compiled a list of 100+ startups that leverage Artificial Intelligence and raised venture funds to spur future growth. To do that, we've leveraged public sources such as Crunchbase, Tracxn, Pitchbook, and website data.

Innovation landscape of venture funded startups in Sports + AI space

Innovation landscape of venture funded startups in Sports + AI space

Let's take a closer look at how various startups use AI to advance their mission.

In Sensors & Hardware, Catapult Sports provides wearable technology for elite sports. The company has developed a series of GPS-enabled tracking devices that combine positional tracking with inertial sensors to quantify athlete's performance across training and games by processing over 1000 data points per second from each athlete to provide actionable insights.

Figur8 has developed the first musculoskeletal diagnostics decision support system of its kind that can pinpoint the source and severity of an injury while showing real-time recovery visibility to improve musculoskeletal health at every point of care — from injury through full recovery.

Hydrow has built a connected indoor rowing machine that delivers challenging workouts from beautiful locations around the world, simultaneously connecting users with an entire community of fellow rowers.

Are you looking for a tool to monitor metabolic fitness? Check out Levels which tracks blood glucose in real-time, enabling users to optimize their diet and exercise, while Naked's 3D scanning technology gives you a holistic picture of your body and how it changes over time.

When we talk about specific sports, ShotTracker helps basketball players to automatically track shot attempts, makes, and misses with real-time shooting statistics.

Check out Str8bat to improve younger cricketer’s batting with AI-driven insights and for adults - Ludimos whose state-of-the-art AI algorithms can extract line, length, speed & deviation from the training videos to improve your body position, movement & technique. For golfers, Sparrow might come handy with improving your swing using their simple yet advanced AI technology.

In Analytics, Olocip uses ML algorithms to predict success or failure on the field and suggest the best strategies based on the objectives of the football (soccer) team. They also aim to control the physical condition of the players by assigning a risk of injury and a maximum daily bearable load.

An e-sports startup out of Ukraine, Mobalytics, is dedicated to helping video game fans master their favorite games. Mobalytics have created the Gamer Performance Index (GPI) which involves using in-game data available from game APIs and crunching it through machine learning algorithms to analyze and improve player performance across several skills crucial for competitive gaming.

Sportlogiq's advanced analytics software tracks the location and actions of every player on the ice, field, or court. Their machine intelligence techniques are then used to extract meaningful insights from the collected data, allowing teams and fans to understand and experience the game in ways previously unimaginable.

Track160 is transforming video-based sports analytics. The company uses computer vision technology to track players' jersey numbers, team colors and textures, unique player movement, tactical positions, ball appearance & 3D movement, etc. to provide game insights.

In Fitness & Workout, Pear is a smart training system that coaches users in real-time, creating a workout experience that inspires and pushes its users to reach their goals tailored to the user's gender, age, fitness level, and aspirations.

In Video, Trace's new PlayerFocus AI technology seamlessly identifies, follows, and spotlights each player during the game and automatically delivers a playlist of highlights with your player – front and center. Highlights are sent directly to your inbox so that you can enjoy an enhanced viewing experience focused on your son or daughter.

To improve Athletes’ Performance, Kitman Labs predicts, manages, and reduces the risk of injury in professional athletes. The platform's proprietary predictive algorithms are linked to athletes' medical records to analyze key indicators of risk. Mustard also uses AI to analyze athlete’s mechanics and offer corrective tips to help them improve.

Companies like Satisfi Labs and Esports One boost Fan Engagement with technology. Satisfi Labs, for instance, leverages conversational AI for the sports industry where it helps businesses to improve customer experience with their innovative AI Chat to drive loyalty and reduce staff burnout. Esports One created an online fantasy platform designed to change the way fans watch and engage with esports. Its platform uses proprietary machine vision technology, custom datasets, and customizable modules that provide an advanced computer vision and real-time data insights platform for engaging experience.

In the table below, we assembled a list of startups that recently raised capital and are players ‘to watch’ poised for success.

CompanyHQ / year foundedAmount Raised, $InvestorsWhat they are doing
360SportsIntelligence Netherlands / 2014SeedOost NL
360SportsIntelligence is a platform providing sports video analysis solutions. Users can upload a video file and the platform provides analysis and insights on the game performance.
AIONSPORTS Netherlands / 2018
AIONSPORTS provides data-driven and data-agnostic virtual reality-based immersive sports experiences that, on the one hand, use positional tracking data to transform this data into a post-match virtual reality analysis solution, and on the other hand offer a virtual reality immersive training solution, which can easily be created based on own methodologies. Both solutions are widely used for enhancing performance, training cognitive and tactical skills, supercharging spatial awareness and scanning, and drastically improving faster decision-making and practice tactics of sports players. It also offers immersive fan engagement, match and athlete analysis, and cognitive training using VR-based cognitive services.
Asensei USA / 2014$6.1M SeedSeventySix Capital, KB Partners, Plug and Play, Northwestern University
Asensei is a sports tech company that manufactures sensor-based motion capture devices for athlete performance insights. The device can be integrated with smart sportswear apparel to track athletes' posture and movement to generate real-time performance feedback. Apparel companies and fitness equipment manufacturers collaborate with the platform to upgrade their apparel/product with motion capture sensors.
Bayes Esports Germany / 2019$9.8M BITKRAFT, PAC Capital, Raine, March Capital, Fertitta Capital, Sony Innovation Fund
Bayes Esports is an official provider of in-game data and technology solutions, trusted by renowned esports organizations and industry leaders. Bayes Esports partners with Riot Games for League of Legends and ESL Faceit Group, enabling Bayes Esports to access official data and collaborate closely with these key players in the esports ecosystem. The comprehensive suite of products and services of Bayes Esports enables clients to harness the power of data-driven decision-making, optimize performance, and engage fans in new and exciting ways. From advanced analytics to live visualization, Bayes Esports provides the tools and expertise necessary to navigate the ever-evolving world of esports.
Beyond Sports Netherlands / 2014$2.4M SeedTriple-IT, VentureOut
Beyond Sports provides VR-based simulation for soccer matches and the application is developed by Triple IT. The application offers VR simulations based on real match data. The company has partnered with a number of sports organizations including Football Club Ajax & PSV, Royal Dutch Football Association, etc. Beyond Sports is also focusing on other sports such as American Football, Cycling, Hockey, and Ice hockey.
Boost Sport USA$1.3M SeedTitletownTech, Portfolia, Stadia Ventures
Boost Sport platform collects data through computer vision, creates new media inventory through analytics and natural language technologies, and integrates 3rd party solutions to commercialize always-on storytelling.
Buff UK / 2019$2.5M / SeedIntrepid Venture, Longboard Capital
Buff provides the AI-enabled fan engagement platform. Its social platform enriches the content and engages fans. Its features include live question and prediction, gamification, audience data & insights management, and more.
Catapult Australia / 2006$19.3M post-IPOAura Ventures, Herald Investment Management
Catapult Sports is a public athlete analytics company that provides wearable technology for elite sports. The company has developed a series of GPS-enabled tracking devices that combine positional tracking with inertial sensors to quantify athlete performance across training and games. The analytics platform developed by the company interfaces with the tracking devices for processing over 1000 data points per second from each athlete to provide actionable insights.
Chyron USA / 1966PEApollo Investment Corporation
Chyron is a software developer focussing on live production and broadcast graphic technology. Its core platform 'PRIME' enables graphics creation, playout, and real-time data visualization. The PRIME platform currently powers many large on-air workflows for large Broadcasters and Media Powerhouses globally. Chyron also provides a range of products and services for live television, news, and sports production. Its sister company 'Tracab' develops and commercializes an optical tracking system for sports clubs, leagues, and stadiums worldwide.
Clippd UK / 2016SeedRubix Ventures, Caddie Ventures
Developer of golf's data-driven performance platform designed to aggregate a wealth of performance data - including insights from smart golf clubs, GPS wearables, and ball-flight hardware. The company's AI-focused technology helps build a connected future for golfers and coaches who have a passion for performance, providing players with a more complete analysis of an individual's game and creating opportunities to compare performance with fellow players.
Clutch Denmark / 2021$1M Pre SeedCrowberry Capital, PreSeed Ventures
Clutch uses AI to turn your phone into your own virtual badminton coach. Record your match and get real-time performance feedback and automated video highlights.
Coliseum Media USA / 2020$300K Seed
Developer of a sports audio commentary platform intended to reinvent sports fandom. The company's platform uses machine learning and audio AR to add information that plays in real-time with a video, enabling people to comment on the intersection of motorsports, media, gaming, and tech.
deCervo USA / 2014$90K Seed—Columbia Technology Ventures, Columbia University Endowment
deCervo's goal is to measure and improve cognitive performance. Its industry-defining product, uHIT, is used by thousands of professional, collegiate, and youth baseball players around the world. Specializing in pitch recognition, cognitive training, and immersive virtual reality, uHIT is available for baseball and softball hitter to improve their hitting. New products built from the uHIT foundation will address cognitive training of referees in the NBA, umpires in professional baseball, and linesmen in the NHL.
ELAB Poland / 2019$1M SeedSATUS Venture
Develop an e-sports analytic platform built to give insights on player performances. The company uses machine learning algorithms to track performances, wellbeing and sleep qualities, mental profiles, cognitive abilities, physical health, and other factors, enabling esports players to understand what their individual performance level depends on and to what extent.
EnskAI Bulgary / 2019SeedMorningside Hill Capital Management
Operator of a sports analytics company intended to reduce the bias in decision-making in football transfers. The company utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to assess the sports qualities and financial status of the football players, enabling football teams and agencies to make objective transfer decisions based on millions of data points.
Esports One USA / 2014$7.3M SeedAlumni Ventures, XSeed Capital, Eniac Ventures
Develop an online fantasy platform designed to change the way fans watch and engage with esports. The company's platform uses proprietary machine vision technology, custom datasets, and customizable modules that offer esports information resources and provide an advanced computer vision and real-time data insights platform, enabling gaming communities to receive a comprehensive resource for their esports needs.
EXOS USA / 1999$47M VentureABS Capital Partners, Polaris Partners
Athletes' Performance (now EXOS) provides integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite and professional athletes. EXOS offers fitness components, food selection, pre, and post-workout nutrition, consulting, and therapy for injuries. Athletes' Performance operates throughout the United States.
FanAI USA / 2016$12.3M AMarubeni, Wasserman, OneTeam, Tech Coast Angels
FanAI is an AI-driven loyalty analytics platform for sports and entertainment franchises and their sponsor ecosystem. The company provides a platform that enables users to increase the revenue of franchises by analyzing the data from fans. The clients of the company include Cloud9, Immortals, CapCom, and more.
Fancred USA / 2012$5M SeedRight Side Capital Management, Atlas Venture, Militello Capital, Breakaway
Fancred is a sports & entertainment social broadcast platform, featuring proprietary broadcast technology, produced/interactive programming, and interest-based social communities.
FansUnite Canada / 2012$13.4M post-IPO equityGravitas Securities, Boomtown Accelerators
FansUnite is an online platform focused on sports betting & management. It offers AI-driven comprehensive white-labeled sports betting management platform named 'Chameleon' with features like customized solutions, real-time analytics, interactive dashboard, etc. It also provides technology solutions, products, and services in the global gaming and entertainment industries.
FanThreeSixty USA / 2011
FanThreeSixty is a customer data platform built for sports. The company offers a platform where complete fan data can be managed and analyzed. Also offers customizable white-label websites and apps, CRM solutions. Their solutions allow the user to integrate ticketing solutions, sales management, and communication tools.
FanWide USA / 2016$800K VentureTechstars
FanWide provides sports fan technology and AI for crowd safety, security, and guest experience. FanWide COMPL-AI is designed to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading at public facilities and spaces. It uses existing security cameras and video management systems (VMS) with AI Computer Vision to proactively detect and report compliance incidences. FanWide can customize every camera to capture capacity counts in specific areas, detect overcrowding, enforce facemask compliance, measure temperatures, or run dozens of other safety, security or guest experience AI Rules.
FightCamp USA / 2013$98.5M BConnect Ventures, BCF Ventures, Y Combinator
FightCamp offers an app and tracking device for boxing-based workouts. The user can attach the trackers to the boxing gloves and select a workout from the library of boxing-type workouts. The punches and workouts are tracked in real-time and the progress is tracked.
Figur8 USA / 2017$16.5M ATaiwania Capital, Phoenix Venture Partners, P5 Health Ventures
Figur8 has developed a wearable platform that quantifies the microexpression of a human's body for giving real-time neuromuscular feedback. It comprises wearable sensors that track the body movements of the wearer and combine it into a network of sensors which then transmit signals through Bluetooth allowing users to receive specific suggestions for improving their body movements. The company also provides a web-based dashboard for advanced data analysis including average, RMS, standard deviation, derivatives, smoothing, and min/max.
Fitbit USA / 2007$65.1MQualcomm Ventures, Sapphire, SoftBank Group
Fitbit provides wearable fitness smartwatches for tracking physical activities. The company provides products such as activity trackers, smartwatches, wireless headphones, and more. It also offers a smartphone app and a Google assistant that helps users to track all-day activity, exercise, sleep, and weight.
FitnessAI USA / 2019$125K SeedY Combinator, Leonis Investissement, AltaIR Capital
FitnessAI for iPhone uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized workouts. Based on 5.9M workouts, the AI optimizes sets, reps and weight for each exercise every time you work out
FitnessKeeper USA / 2008$10M BSpark Capital, Revolution Ventures
FitnessKeeper is the company behind RunKeeper, a mobile fitness platform that leverages the location technology in smartphones to help runners and other fitness enthusiasts better track, measure, and improve their fitness.
FitXR UK / 2016$8.8M AInnovate UK, Hiro Capital, Maveron, Boost VC, TenOneTen Ventures
FitXR is the leading developer of VR/AR fitness apps. Dedicated to making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone, FitXR has built the world’s first virtual fitness club, merging immersive VR with unparalleled total body workouts designed by top fitness experts.
FocusMotion USA / 2012$270K Convertible NoteCedars-Sinai Accelerator, Stadia Ventures
FocusMotion provides AI-based wearables and applications for health, wellness, and fitness. Offers a platform for wearable devices and fitness software based on AI that improves health through movement, gesture, fitness monitoring, and quantification. The platform assembles the contextual database of motion recognition.
Force Impact USA / 2013$4.4M AAvnet, Brinc, MiLA Capital
Force Impact Technologies is the leader in the emerging wearable technology sector that focuses on providing smart products for young amateur athletes between the ages of 12 and 25, to enhance their on-field experience, performance, and safety. Their principal product, the FITGuard, is an instrumented mouthguard equipped with an array of sensors that measures the force of an impact. This information is sent via Bluetooth to a mobile app and the data is centralized in the cloud.
Forme USA / 2020$129M AKorify Capital, Infinitas Capital, Presight Capital
Developer of smart fitness mirrors designed for those seeking a comprehensive, personalized fitness experience from home. The company's smart home studios offer add-ons like a real wooden barre for barre training and adjustable weight lifting arms for strength training, and members are granted access to on-demand instructor-led fitness classes spanning a variety of modalities, levels, and lengths, enabling users to get personalized workout plans and custom class schedules and live one-on-one training with a personal trainer.
Full Venue Portugal / 2020APEX Capital
Full Venue uses AI to predict the exact probability of your fans to make a purchase and drives client's marketing using smart segmentation.
GGPredict Poland / 2019$2.1M SeedTDJ Pitango Ventures, ff Venture Capital
Develop a performance monitoring platform designed to help amateur and professional players train efficiently and raise their skills. The company's platform analyzes matches and provides precise feedback, statistics, and tips, thereby enabling gamers to understand the aspects of the game and improve their outcome.
GOQii India / 2014$131M CAnimoca Brands, Bennett Coleman and Co, Mitsui & Co, The Times Group, DSG Consumer Partners
GOQii is dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with the combination of advanced wearable technology, the world's leading experts, coaches, and karma. GOQii focuses on sustained engagement & goal reinforcement and offers a complete ecosystem as a single integrated solution, which is a powerful combination of technology and human connection.
Hawk-Eye UK / 1999$748K
Hawk-Eye develops vision-processing, video replay, and creative graphical technologies for sports. The company’s ball-tracking system is an officiating tool used in major sporting fixtures across football, tennis, cricket, and GAA. Itssmart technology is used in a number of products that involve live video content access, production, distribution, and management.
HomeCourt USA / 2017$42M BBlue Pool Capital, Mandra Capital, Charmides Capital
HomeCourt is an AI-based performance tracking platform for basketball players. It enables users to record and upload workout and training sessions. All videos are reviewed by the app that enables athletes to evaluate their performance using zoom-in and slow-motion features.
Humanox Spain / 2020$1.8M SeedUneven Capital, Wayra
HUMANoX is developing analytics wearables for football. Because health comes first, the smart connected carbon fiber HX50 shin guards transmit more than 40 metrics in real-time to the HUMANOX platform.
Hydrow USA / 2018$367M Constitution Capital Partners, Justin Timberlake, Lizzo, Alumni Ventures Group, Rx3 Growth Partners
Hydrow is a provider of a connected indoor rowing machine. Hydrow's innovative LOR technology delivers challenging workouts from gorgeous locations around the world, simultaneously connecting users with an entire community of fellow rowers.
Ideas Lab USA / 2017$500K Seed
Ideas Lab is an innovation lab and start-up studio focused on launching game-changing companies leveraging Artificial Intelligence, machine vision and human pose estimation technologies. Through advanced and integrated AI technologies, they help companies in various industries solve challenges, capture opportunities and achieve a competitive edge.
IncludeHealth USA / 2012$22.6MCincytech, TamarindHill, Cincinnati Children’s
IncludeHealth partners with musculoskeletal providers to extend care into patients’ homes in hybrid care models. Powered by computer vision, they enable personal, interactive, and measured home exercises on any device without sensors, downloads, and passwords.
IQONIQ Monaco / 2006$114M Debt FinancingLux Media Investments
IQONIQ is a new fan engagement platform that exclusively targets the 'Sport & Entertainment world'. Combining all the modern-day features of fandom into a single platform, IQONIQ provides fans with a new, never-seen-before fan ecosystem to experience a deeper, rewarding, and purposeful engagement with their idols as well as their favorite clubs/teams from sports and entertainment.
KinoTek USA / 2018$3.5MLake Nona Fund, Maine Technology Institute
Developer of digital health platform designed to offer fast, holistic, accurate, portable, and affordable MSK diagnostics. The company's software uses virtual reality and motion capture technology to create a visual representation of the body and how it moves to visualize human performance for improving performance and reducing injuries, enabling athletes and coaches to understand body movements, and optimize athletic performance and training with lesser strain on the body.
Kitman Labs Ireland / 2012$76.5M CGuggenheim Investments, Sony Innovation Fund, BlueRun Ventures
Kitman Labs is a sports analytics company with a prime focus on athlete performance and injury management. The software product helps to predict, manage, and reduce the risk of injury in professional athletes. The platform's proprietary predictive algorithms link to the athlete's medical records and analyze key indicators of risk.
Levels USA / 2019$57M AA16Z, Trust Ventures, Supernode Ventures
Levels develops a health and wellness platform designed to monitor metabolic fitness. The platform tracks blood glucose in real-time, enabling users to optimize their diet and exercise.
Locker Ireland / 2020$818K SeedTechstars Sports Accelerator, Western Development Commission
Locker is a developer of a digital platform intended to change the consumption of sports media through personalization. The company's platform provides content aggregation from a number of trusted publishers and partners, delivering the latest, trending, and reliable news tailored to the user's sporting tastes.
Ludimos Netherlands / 2019SeedDutch Sport Tech Fund
Ludimos provides a suite of AI-based software solutions for cricket. It provides users with a player performance tracker, clubs and academies. Its features include players' engagement and participation, and player management. The mobile application is available for the IOS system.
Mobalytics USA / 2016$13.9M BAlmaz Capital, CABRA VC
Mobalytics is the leading player analytics platform, personal gaming assistant, and community dedicated to helping video game fans master their favorite games. Mobalytics partners with leading game publishers and esports organizations to leverage its patent-pending Gamer Performance Index (GPI) technology to analyze in-game API data with ML algorithms to improve player performance across several areas crucial for competitive gaming.
Mustard USA / 2019$5.5M SeedOneTeam, MLS Players Association, Global Rugby Ventures,
Mustard uses AI to analyze an athlete’s mechanics and offer corrective tips to help them improve.
Naked Labs USA / 2015$14M AFounders Fund, Lumia Capital, New Enterprise Associates
Naked is a 3D Fitness Tracker that gives you a holistic picture of your body and how it changes over time. Naked uses 3D scanning technology to track your shape, measurements, body fat, and weight to give you unprecedented insights into how your lifestyle affects your health.
Nex USA / 2017$25M BBlue Pool Capital, Dreamers VC, Gobi Ventures
Nex is a motion-based entertainment company that is transforming activity into play. It develops training applications designed to create utility and joy for athletes and sports communities worldwide. Nex is the company behind HomeCourt and Active Arcade, was founded in 2017 by second-time entrepreneurs and ex-Apple engineers. For over a decade, Nex has successfully created amazing user experiences with technologies. The last startup produced by this award-winning team was acquired by Apple, Inc. Czech Republic / 2018$9.2M APresto Ventures is a developer of esports betting technologies intended to provide esports odds feed and risk management services. The company's platform utilizes a combination of advanced data science and machine learning algorithms, experienced traders, and official data to calculate and explore multiple esports betting opportunities, enabling clients to boosts engagement, drive volume, increases margin, and thus accelerates profitability.
OliveX Hong Kong / 2017$8M post-IPO equityAnimoca Brands, One Football, Bombora Investment Management
OliveX has developed equipment called a fitness mirror which tracks the exercise movement of the user. The company has developed an app that provides personalized exercise plans with voice-led coaching. The fitness mirror tracks and counts the reps of the squats using the camera and AI.
Olocip Spain / 2015$90K Seed
Olocip uses ML algorithms to predict the success or failure on the field for the next 15 minutes as the game is being played. Olocip is specialized in the implementation of the most advanced AI in sports and industry, being the only technology capable of addressing predictive and prescriptive dimensions and providing answers to real questions.
Omnic Data USA / 2021$830K Pre SeedTechstars
Omnic Data is the global leader in esports player performance data. Omnic’s industry-proven Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform is being used by major league esports coaches to improve their technique and aspiring young gamers learn how to play like professionals.
PandaScore France / 2015$8.8M AV13 Invest, Alven, KB Partners
Pandascore is a real-time game statistics provider. It collects gaming data from competition matches using AI and shares it with API. It provides game data for DOTA, League of Legends, and Overwatch. The gaming data is used by the media companies to follow and report live during the e-sports competitions, accompanies the teams through analyzes of their statistics, and informs the organizers of tournaments on their competitions.
Pear Sports USA / 2011$9.3M AInnovate Partners, Bird Dog Equity Partners, Vizio
Pear is a smart training system that coaches users in real-time, creating a workout experience that inspires and pushes its users to reach their goals. Pear delivers a personalized training experience and interactive training plans formulated by coaches that are tailored to the user's gender, age, fitness level, and aspirations. It also provides audible training information like distance, calories, time, pace, and heart rate. Pear has launched headphones, wearable heart rate monitors, tee shirts, and mobile training kit.
Peloton USA / 2012$875M post-IPO debtTCV, NBCUniversal, Winslow Capital
Peloton is the largest interactive fitness platform in the world with a loyal community of more than 2.6 million members. The company pioneered connected, technology-enabled fitness, and the streaming of immersive, instructor-led boutique classes for its members anytime, anywhere.
Perch UK / 2016$8.2M Seed Perfect Game, Ledgeways Ventures
Perch uses 3D cameras to quantify weight room performance without detracting from it. The cloud-based system measures, outputs, stores and analyzes velocities and power outputs without disrupting workflow. No more wearables, no more tethers, no more hassle.
Pixellot Israel / 2013$218M DPSG, Shamrock Capital Advisors, Baidu, Firstime Venture Capital
Pixellot’s automated sports production solutions revolutionize traditional video capture, production, and distribution processes, enabling professional and amateur sports organizations to affordably cover and monetize their events. Pixellot’s technology streamlines the production workflow by deploying an unmanned multi-camera system in a single fixed rig (with additional angles as required), covering the entire field and delivering a stitched panoramic image. Advanced auto-production mechanisms track the flow of play, identify highlights, create replays and insert advertisements without human intervention. Pixellot's analytics and video editing platform Vidswap allows coaches to save time by breaking down games and get detailed game, team and players stats 4 hours after the game is over.
Playermaker UK / 2016$40MVentura Capital, FengHe Group, Pegasus Tech Ventures
Playermaker develops and delivers next-generation player development solutions for football academies. Featuring on-footwear sensors that uniquely provide full detection of foot and ball interactions, their innovative plug-and-play solutions provide coaches with immediate and powerful insights into player performance.
Pllay USA / 2018$4M SeedScreenPlay, Gayle Jennings O'Byrne
PLLAY is the world’s most powerful AI-driven video game wager and data platform. Players have instant access to real money competitions with PLLAY’s mobile companion application and a gaming console. As a new generation of gamers rises up, PLLAY is setting the premier stage for a new, seamless experience that fuses brands, influencers, and cultural gaming into one arena.
Quell UK / 2000$12.8M ATencent, Y Combinator, Heartcore Capital, Khosla Ventures
Quell offers VR-based games for fitness workouts. It mainly offers a fight-based game that involves high-intensity combat workouts to achieve fitness goals and burns calories.
Reely USA / 2015$1M SeedStadia Ventures
Reely is an end-to-end content solution for sports leagues that leverages Computer Vision and Deep Learning AI.
Replai US / 2019$5M SeedBright Pixel, Sequoia Scout, Hoxton Ventures, Lux Capital, Accel Starters
Replai is a leading video analytics solution that helps mobile companies understand exactly which elements of their videos work and which do not. The AI-driven platform automatically analyzes and deconstructs video creatives and organizes all components, and their performance metrics, in an intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboard. Helping unlock growth opportunities otherwise missed by the human eye.
Satisfi Labs USA / 2018$10M A Florida Funders, Techstars, Vinik Sports Group
Satisfi Labs is an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform that makes conversation with places possible. Its proprietary Answer Engine enables search for physical locations through conversational AI, allowing places to directly answer customer questions on-demand. The platform takes in structured and unstructured data and makes it AI-ready, allowing the Answer Engine to create expert virtual assistants on the web, mobile, SMS, and voice channels. Leading the development of conversational AI for the sports, tourism, and entertainment industries, the platform helps businesses discover new customer insights, increase sales, and improve customer experience.
ScorePlay Portugal / 2018Seed
ScorePlat provides users with a sports media management platform where users can classify, centralize, and distribute media content and engage with sports fans. Its features include case studies on teams and championships, team and player search engines, match updates, and AI-based image and video tagging.
Second Spectrum USA / 2013$20.1M BLionTree
Second Spectrum collects, curates, analyzes and provides compelling content, stories, and software to sports teams, media, and venues. From mobile apps to giant touchscreens, smart TVs, and VR/AR. Second Spectrum is pushing the boundaries of deep tech - ML, Computer Vision, Big Data, VR/AR. These products have helped Second Spectrum partners to multiple NBA championships, to win matches on football pitches around the world, to entertain and educate millions of fans on TV and digital."
Sency Israel / 2019$6.5M SeedSchestowitz Group, Hybrid Financial, Welltech Ventures
Sency specializes in using computer vision to drive people toward an active and healthy life. The company combines mobile, AI, and computer vision technologies into user-centric interactive experiences on mobile devices. Using only a mobile device camera, Sency can count, track, and chart movement in real time while providing instant video review, deep analysis, and insights, all on the user’s device. No streaming to the cloud means no latency, recording, or risk of privacy breach. Sency’s core technology provides capabilities such as analysis, measurement, insights, and guidance designed to encourage people to become more engaged in physical activity or rehabilitation.
ShotTracker USA / 2014$34M VentureHearst Ventures, Evertz, Verizon Ventures
ShotTracker is a provider of wearable technology for basketball players. It automatically tracks shot attempts, makes, and misses providing players with real-time shooting statistics. It's a solution that consists of a wrist sensor, a net sensor, and an application that works on various Bluetooth low energy enabled iOS devices and select Android devices.
SkillCorner France / 2016$635K Seventure Partners
SkillCorner is a developer of an AI-powered video tracking technology designed to analyze football matches. The company's technology uses computer vision and machine learning to generate real-time tracking data and live match visualization from any football broadcast, enabling users to access a growing database of football tracking data or receive tracking data on matches instantly.
Sparrow US / 20185.7M SeedAngel investors
AI-based swing analysis & training software for golf players. This app helps users to analyze their swings in real-time. The user has to set his phone to capture swings, the swings are compared with AI-based data points to provide the best swing positioning.
SportAI USA / 2020$75K SeedInnovation Depot, Velocity Accelerator
SportAI is a provider of a mobile application designed to optimize and understand fantasy sports lineups and analytics. The company's application helps to set optimal lineups, compare athletes and teams, and get easy-to-understand stats, enabling users to understand sports analytics.
Sportlogiq Canada / 2015Undisclosed BStrategic Family Offices, Key Institutional Investors
Sportlogiq is an AI-powered sports analytics company that helps teams win more games and broadcasters engage more viewers. Their advanced analytics software tracks the location and actions of every player on the ice, field, or court using standard game footage. Machine intelligence techniques are then used to extract meaningful insights from the collected data, allowing teams and fans to understand and experience the game in ways previously unimaginable.
Sportradar Switzerland / 2001$513M IPOCPP Investments, TCV, Revolution
Sportradar is a sports data-as-a-service provider. It offers betting solutions, event creation, odds suggestions, trading tools, horseracing monitoring, live-streaming sports content, and more. The company has an exclusive partnership with multiple sports leagues including NFL, NBA, NHL, ITF, and ESL.
Sportsbox USA / 2020$5.5M SeedEP Golf Venture, Elysian Park Ventures
Developer of an AI coach mobile application designed to help users achieve their goals in sports and fitness. The company provides technology that can capture, measure, and analyze complex athletic motions in 3D, combined with the knowledge and experience of the instructors in each sport, enabling users to get personalized feedback to improve their ideal performance.
StanceBeam India / 2017Angel Scions
StanceBeam has launched Smart Sensor and analytics solution for Cricket. They have also teamed up with leading wearables brand boAt to launch smart sensors and sports motion sensing AI technology in smartwatches. With industry-leading sensor algorithms and motion modeling algorithms, StanceBeam provides instant, quantitative motion analysis and insights to help users improve their game. StanceBeam also continues to develop video analysis and processing based on computer vision and deep learning. StanceBeam smart sensors and mobile application products cover cricket, baseball, softball, badminton, Skipping, and other sports and fitness activities.
StatMuse USA / 2014$10.1M BThe Walt Disney Company, Terraform Capital, Anchor Capital, Google Assistant
StatMuse is developing an AI platform to help sports fans explore data using simple, natural language. Users can search sports schedules, career stats, game logs, and box scores for fans, media, and fantasy players and analyze, and visualize data using simple, natural language.
Str8bat India / 2017 $0.5M SeedSucSEED Indovation, Dholakia Ventures
Developer of sensor-based wearables for cricket. Its product analyzes the stance of the batsman, the type of shot, and movements using an AI engine. It claims that the platform also enables users to gain access to the best minds in the game, through connections with top-notch coaches across the globe.
STRIVR USA / 2015$86M BGeorgian, GreatPoint Ventures, Signia Venture PartnersFranklin Templeton Investments, Georgian, Prologis
STRIVR provides a virtual reality-based learning and training application platform. It caters to various industries like sports, financial services, manufacturing, etc, and offers features such as realistic environments, immersive experience, data assessment, performance analysis, and team size flexibility.
Svexa USA / 2018$2.8M SeedYamaha Motor Ventures, Navigio Capital, Black Lab Sports
Human performance intelligence company that combines expertise in exercise physiology, precision health and data science with elite level practical sports experience to deliver truly individualized, actionable recommendations for sports tech companies, teams, athletes and wider population health. The company’s solutions include a range of proprietary, licensable algorithms as well as standalone products such as Ellida training planning, Readiness Advisor, and Athlete Passport.
SwingVision USA / 2019$3M SeedWildcard Ventures
Developer of a mobile AI platform intended for real-time, automated shot tracking, officiating, and video analysis. SwingVision's AI processes your video in real-time to bring you the pro experience — no internet required.
TeamSportz USA / 2017$550K Pre-SeedHaatch
Innovative sports AI platform that enables athletes, teams and sport academies to improve their performance and understanding of the game whilst enhancing health and wellbeing.
Tempo USA / 2015$299M CSoftBank Vision Fund, Norwest Venture Partners, General Catalyst Partners
Tempo is the game-changing home gym that tracks your motions and improves your form. Its home fitness platform combines equipment, training guidance, and social motivation with 3D sensors and AI.
THB USA / 2018$200K EquityNetCapital
The Human Baton is a provider of a digital entertainment platform intended to unite fans, sports, and technology through innovation. The company's platform has launched a supersport relay race series and league where an endurance athlete is passed along the race route as a human baton, enabling people to experience and forge deeper fan connections.
Tonal USA / 2015$580M Cobalt Capital, Kindred Ventures, Sapphire Sport, Dragoneer Investment Group, Evolution Media
Tonal is a smart home gym that uses AI and coaching to provide strength training.
Trace USA / 2010$65M CPelion Venture Partners, Lakestar, Toba Capital, NextGen VP, others
Formerly AlpineReplay, Trace is an AI video highlights company focused on capturing life’s most important memories. Trace PlayerFocus seamlessly identifies, follows, and spotlights each player during the game and automatically delivers a playlist of highlights with your player – front and center. Highlights are sent directly to your inbox so that you can enjoy an enhanced viewing experience focused on your son or daughter. Every week, thousands of games are traced and over one million highlights are automatically captured on Trace for players, coaches and parents to watch, as they develop their skills, and share playlists with friends, family, coaches, and recruiters.
Track160 Israel / 2017$5M AADvantage, REDDS Capital
Track160 developed a fully automated FIFA EPTS certified football data analytics platform designed for clubs, leagues, schools, and academies at any level. Using optical tracking technology that automatically identifies the location of multiple joints in a player's body and tracks 3D pose and motion, they provide players and coaches with highly accurate data, video, and events in one product suite.
TropX Israel / 2019SeedCactus Capital VC, NFH LDT, Israel Innovation Authority
Tropx is developing high-tech clothing that analyzes athletes in real time to create personalized gym training programs for injury prevention. The company has developed a fashionable, comfortable, AI-driven smart suit designed to provide users with a new level of personal training. TropX harnesses the technological cutting edge for the purpose of interest, deep learning,machine learning, smart algorithms, and real-time multisensory feedback, enabling users to achieve training efficiency for optimal results while also helping prevent injuries. The system uses multiple indications from several different types of sensors and is in the process of collaborating with some of the largest companies in the world.
Ubitrack Bulgary / 2018SeedInnovation Capital
Developer of an optical tracking system intended to extract and analyze raw data about players and the ball from football games. The company's automated system delivers high-accuracy data by implementing artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to the data collected from camera feeds, enabling football clubs to get objective performance data and reports and use it for performance improvement and fan engagement.
Uplift Labs USA / 2017$8.5M SeedStadia Ventures, Mirai Creation Fund, DEEPCORE
Uplift Labs provides an AI-powered motion analysis platform that accurately tracks body movements (kinematic analysis) using only iPhones or iPads. With its proprietary computer vision and deep learning models, Uplift analyzes the movements of professional and amateur athletes, providing insights to improve their performance and health.
Veo Denmark / 2015$113M CATP, Ventech, Seed Capital, Courtside Ventures, Ventech
Veo is a solution for recording and watching sports without a cameraman. When you upload your Veo recording to the platform, our highly intelligent software recognises the action on the field. With the position of players and the ball, our software creates a video for you that automatically zooms and pans depending on the ball's position.
VI USA / 2006$39M AAngels, Square Peg Capital, Triventures, Silvertech Ventures
Vi is the market-leading Enterprise-AI for digital health, providing AI-as-a-Service for health and wellness enterprises helping companies increase engagement, retention, LTV, and health outcomes. Their powerful platform serves over 30 million members daily.
Whoop USA / 2012$405M FSoftBank Vision Fund, IVP, Silicon Valley Bank, D20 Capital
Whoop is a provider of smart wearable straps for physical activities monitoring. It provides athletes, their coaches, and trainers with a continuous understanding of strain and recovery to balance training, reduce injuries, and predict performance. The platform provides the own smartphone app for analytics and reporting.
Wingfield Germany / 2017$4.3M Abmp Ventures, Adesso
Developer of a mobile-based application designed to transform any tennis court in the world into a smart court. The company's application combines hardware and artificial intelligence to keep track of the score, analyze strokes and gives personal feedback right after matches or practice sessions, enabling players to get the same game analytics the professionals do at a lower cost.
Withings France / 2008$94M BIdinvest Partners, Bpifrance, Gilde Healthcare
Withings provides solutions for health monitoring, sleep monitoring, activity monitoring, and home environment monitoring. With its watch, Steel HR you can easily activate workout mode right on your wrist by choosing from over 30 sports. This will activate a timer, continuous heart rate connected GPS.
Yopi Israel / 2017$1.7M GrantIsrael Innovation Authority
Yopi is a sweat analyser. Technology combining sophisticated biosensors and AI algorithms tracking real-time user's health and wellness state.
Zar France / 2017$1.1M SeedOneRagtime
Develop an artificial intelligence-based coaching platform designed to coach online games for esports gamers. The company uses explainable artificial intelligence methods and data analytics to provide players with personalized and optimized training programs, enabling users to learn how and where to fight to carry each game.
Zepp USA / 2011$72.5M AXiaomi, Banyan Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital China
Zepp Health empowers users to live their healthiest lives by optimizing their health, fitness, and wellness journeys through its leading consumer brands. These include: Amazfit, a leading smart wearable brand designed with all fitness levels, health goals, and lifestyles in mind, Zepp Aura, an innovative rest and mindfulness solution and Zepp Clarity, a smart hearing solution to combat hearing loss.
Zone7 USA / 2017$10.5M ABlumberg Capital, Resolute Ventures, PLG Ventures
Zone7, by InPlay, is an AI-powered injury-prediction solution for athletes. Zone7 creates personalized athlete profiles in order to predict injuries and recommend optimal training drills and performance levels. Zone7 collects data from wearable devices, medical profiles, and other physiological and screening products to ensure high levels of accuracy and trust.

AI in Sports M&A activity

  • In the beginning of 2023, Tivity Health acquired BurnAlong, a digital health, wellness and fitness platform to accelerate Tivity Health’s efforts to provide a robust digital platform and health and wellness content.

  • In May, 2022 Strava acquired Recover Athletics, an AI-powered injury prevention and rehab app for runners to tap into their subscription user base. Also around that time IMG ARENA acquired a controlling interest in Swedish computer vision company Signality to enhance its data collection capabilities with computer vision and camera technologies.

  • In March 2021, Peloton has finalized deals on three companies, having acquired Atlas Wearables, Otari, and Aiqudo, to add talent and technology to its brand.

  •, India's largest health & fitness company, has acquired Onyx, a California-based fitness company that is building the world's smartest digital training experience to bolster its digital offerings in India and abroad.

  • Last year Lululemon Athletica bought home fitness content-maker Mirror for $500 million amid the booming demand for at-home fitness classes caused by coronavirus lockdowns. This acquisition gave a push to the development of lots of Mirror's clones in a variety of sports.

As companies continue to develop and show real-life traction and add value with their AI products, we will see more AI in Sports deals in the next few years.

CompanyHQ / year foundedAmount Raised, $Deal Amount, $AcquirerDeal Rationale
Aaptiv USA / 2016$60M CPEAR Sports
Oct 2021: PEAR Sports announced the acquisition of Aaptiv. Aaptiv is one of the most popular workout apps on the market, boasting nearly 13 million downloads and more than 36 million classes taken. Aaptiv is a natural fit with PEAR’s personalized, scientific approach to fitness and wellness digital coaching. The Aaptiv brand will continue operations and will benefit from the combined strengths of PEAR and Life Fitness.
Atlas Wearables, Otari, Aiqudo US $78.1MPeloton
Mar 2021: Peloton - Get Report has finalized deals on three companies, having acquired Atlas Wearables, Otari, and Aiqudo in late 2020. The New York connected-fitness company said it purchased the companies “to add talent and technology,” to its brand, Bloomberg News reported.
Boost Sport USA$1.3M SeedArria NLG
Nov 2021: Boost Sport licensed Arria’s tech to automatically generate simple insights from the data in normal language. It then partnered with Arria as it expanded its client base beyond teams, building tools for content companies and sports marketers looking to integrate relevant stats into their copy with ease.
BurnAlong USA / 2016$7M VentureTivity Health
The acquisition will accelerate Tivity Health’s efforts to provide consumers with a robust digital platform and extensive health and wellness content, in addition to in-person opportunities through its network of fitness locations.
FanDuniya India / 2018FanCode
Oct 2020: FanCode, the digital sports fan destination owned by Dream Sports, which also owns fantasy sports platform Dream11, has acquired sports research platform FanDuniya.The acquisition is aimed at accelerating the growth and development of its FanCode’s multi-sports research and statistics service for all sports fans.
Fitbit USA / 2007$65.1M$2.1BGoogle
Nov 2019 - Jan 2021: Google has completed its $2.1 billion purchase of Fitbit, more than a year after the deal was first announced. Fitbit would continue to be device-agnostic, making products that work with both iPhones and Android devices. Australia / 2015$33MSlinger Bags
Sept 2021: The deal will allow the business to scale more quickly, and reach new customers and audiences.
Genamint USCollectors Universe
Apr 2021: Genamint that uses artificial intelligence to grade the quality of baseball cards has been acquired by Collectors Universe Inc., backed by Mets owner Steve Cohen and other investors.
Kinduct Canada / 2009$11.8M A$200MmCube
Sep 2020: The company announced today it has been sold to mCube, a Silicon Valley company that produces the world’s smallest sensors. Kinduct is planning further growth with a greater focus on healthcare.
Mirror US / 200672M B500Mlululemon
June 2020: Mirror, acquired by an exercise apparel company lululemon, is a connected fitness system that streams live and on-demand classes to users in-home through a sleek responsive display.
MIRROR USA / 2010$74.8M $500MLululemon
Lululemon Athletica acquires Mirror for $500 million, as the high-end yogawear company looks to cash in on booming demand for at-home fitness classes spurred by coronavirus lockdowns.
Onyx USA /
Jan 2021: To bolster its digital offerings in India and abroad,, India's largest health & fitness company, has acquired Onyx, a California-based fitness company that is building the world's smartest digital training experience.
Performance Lab New Zealand / 2011Pear Sports
May 2020: Performance Lab specializes in using AI to gain insights into athletic performance and then develop a personalized exercise program. Pear Sports plans to use this technology in its real-time interactive coaching tool.
Recover US / 2018Strava
Second Spectrum USA / 2013$20.1M B$200MGenius Sports
May 2021: Player tracking technology company Second Spectrum has been acquired by Genius Sports, a leading betting data rights owner for major sports leagues. Second Spectrum is pushing the boundaries of deep tech - ML, Computer Vision, Big Data, VR/AR.
Signality Sweden / 200650K SeedIMG Arena
Combined with IMG ARENA’s leading products, extensive network, and operational scale, Signality’s deep tech, cloud-based platform, which uses artificial intelligence to extract highly accurate sports event tracking data in real-time, provides sports leagues and federations, and ultimately fans, an enriched experience, driving greater fan engagement content solutions.
Synergy Sports USA / 2004Sportradar
Mar 2021: Sports data distributor Sportradar has acquired Synergy Sports, a data and video analytics platform. The deal will leverage Synergy’s presence in U.S. college and professional sports to expand Sportradar’s product portfolio and connections.

AI in Sports Challenges and final thoughts

With the advancement of AI, the sensors, wearables, processors, and algorithms will become more accurate, drastically changing the way sports are played, viewed, and monetized across the globe. We are excited at the changes AI already brings and will bring to the sports industry. More AI means less effort to reach better results, smarter workouts, fairer game outcomes, and an unparalleled gaming experience for fans. While we are very bullish on the impact of AI in Sports, we acknowledge its current limitations:

While AI provides a wealth of detailed performance metrics and aids in formulating strategic plans, its current capabilities cannot supplant human coaches' irreplaceable intuition and experience. The capacity of a seasoned coach to interpret subtle cues, respond in real-time to unexpected situations, and forge meaningful connections with athletes, demonstrates that even as we continue to integrate AI into sports, the human touch remains invaluable and indispensable.
Ivan Didur

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