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Your Artificial Intelligence Journey

How to Create a Blockchain Database

Every startup inevitably faces the dilemma  – do you want to use blockchain distributed database technology in your business rather than a relational database?…

Alexander Pirlya 7 October 2018

Distributed Applications: From Concept to Development

What’s a dapp? Decentralized applications (dapps) are programs that consist of smart contracts commonly built and executed on the blockchain. Dapps are open source…

Alexander Pirlya 7 October 2018

Executive Guide to Private and Public Blockchains

If you are looking into distributed ledger technology and blockchain application for the enterprise, it is important to understand the difference between public…

Alexander Pirlya 7 October 2018

Token Issue and Distribution

This article aims to get you acquainted with another novel concept in the age of the digital economy – the token. Much like in a traditional sense, tokens…

Alexander Pirlya 8 September 2018

Blockchain Platforms Comparison

In our previous blog post, we outlined the value of blockchain and smart contracts platforms, highlighting several major platforms that provide smart contract capabilities…

Alexander Pirlya 8 September 2018

Executive’s Guide: Smart Contracts on Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most important emerging technologies of the waning decade, with many experts believing it will change the world as we know it in the next…

Alexander Pirlya 26 August 2018

Machine Learning Techniques in Reading Tracking (Research Series)

As one of the primary suppliers of AI and machine learning consulting on the local market, our squad partnered with Beehiveor R&D Labs for a joint research project…

Igor Sizon 22 August 2018

How to Develop a Machine Learning Project?

Data Science has become an integral part of any business that’s looking to maximize market potential and commercial value. Machine learning is one of the more…

Max Frolov 6 July 2018

Data Science and Big Data Outsourcing: How to Choose Your AI Technology Partner?

Finding experts in the field of machine learning and data science is a hard and expensive task, which is why companies start considering big data outsourcing as…

Alexandra Severinchik 29 June 2018

Data Driven Decisions: Full Guide

No one wants to make mistakes, especially when doing business. A data driven decision making is the most promising, but not easy, way of cutting losses and increasing…

Igor Sizon 25 June 2018