AI-powered Market Research Agent for B2B Sales

Employing Large Language Models to expand top-of-the-funnel sales.

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04 Jul 2024
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AI-powered Market Research Agent for B2B Sales
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  • The client is a B2B software company offering IT consulting and development services. Their customers praise their work for exceptional technology expertise and continue to choose them as a preferred partner for IT-related tasks. Most of their new clients traditionally come from referrals and a personal network while outbound sales had limited results.

  • To build a diversified and predictable outbound revenue stream, the client decided to develop a platform that would automate prospect searching and outreach. The tool would not only replace most of the existing capabilities of the human market researcher on the team but also significantly increase prospect sources and their volume.

  • The built system would need to automatically find relevant prospects based on a defined customer profile, look up fresh information on each prospect, and create personalized outreach campaigns based on the findings. For example, a cold email campaign targeting companies with a certain position on their website that would also include insights from recent company news published on their blog.

  • DataRoot Labs successfully developed an AI-driven Market Research Agent for the client. This solution generates a daily list of relevant prospects based on pre-defined filters, provides the latest insights on each company, and crafts personalized outreach campaigns. As a result, the client enjoys a substantial increase in response rate and sales calls, with dozens made each month.

Tech Stack

HubSpot API
Woodpecker API
Gmail API
Google Sheets API
Slack API

Delivery Timeline

2 weeks
Solution Architecture Design
Solution Architect
AWS Cloud Infrastructure Setup
3 weeks
Initial AI Agent Setup
System Engineer
NLP Engineer
Development of WebSearch and Scraping Tools
System Engineer
NLP Engineer
3 weeks
Prospect Sources Integration
System Engineer
Development of Prospect Processing and Filtering Pipeline
System Engineer
NLP Engineer
4 weeks
Designing Personalized LLM-based Outreach Campaigns
Sales Consultant
NLP Engineer
Setup Email and LinkedIn Automated Outreach
Sales Consultant
System Engineer
1 week
Setup Agent Analytics
System Engineer
1 week
Integration, Testing & Deployment
System Engineer
NLP Engineer
Dev Ops

The working day of a sales department typically consisted of manually searching for potential clients on Crunchbase-like websites, adding them to the cold email prospecting tool, and hoping for the answer. This approach, obviously, had extremely low conversion rates, so our goal was to automate this process and personalize the campaigns as much as possible with minimum human effort involved.

Tech Challenge

  • To find suitable prospects, we had to identify relevant databases containing up-to-date information on potential customers. Therefore, the primary challenge was efficiently gathering information from various private data providers and other research solutions. Additionally, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the extracted insights presented a significant hurdle.

  • Another envisioned functionality was enriching the shortlist of prospects with relevant insights. The Agent can search and add insights based on publicly available data on each company — website information, press releases, articles, posts, etc.

  • The final solution should work as a fully Autonomous Agent capable of making outreach through platforms for sending emails, including personalized sequences to drive engagement with prospects.

  • Finally, the solution have to integrate with the sales team's existing toolkit through APIs, including email marketing, contact verification, CRM systems, and LinkedIn.


  • The main task of the Market Research Agent is gathering, combining, and filtering prospects from multiple sources. The Agent collects unstructured data about companies that may be interested in IT services using web search, scrapping tools, and data providers' APIs.

  • Next, each company is comprehensively investigated. This includes analyzing the services and products listed on the company's website, the founders' contact information, the headquarters and office locations, etc. Based on the results of the investigation, irrelevant companies are automatically removed.

  • With a full understanding of the potential client, the outreach strategy takes its course. The Agent finds the decision-maker among all company contacts, selects contact methods, writes message sequences, and sets up automated outreach with Woodpecker for email and PhantomBuster for LinkedIn.

  • To simplify statistics collection, the Agent Analytics system was developed. All important conversions on each step are aggregated in real-time, allowing the sales department to enhance predesigned campaign parts and adjust prospect sources.

  • Market Research Agent was also successfully integrated with the IT company's HubSpot CRM, which prevents doubling contacts and, along with Agent Analytics, ensures the clarity and visibility of the outreach results.

After the first functional version of the Agent was introduced, the life in the sales department has changed for good. Sales managers now became the operators of an AI tool, that was doing all the mechanical routine stuff for them, freeing their time for designing new marketing strategies.


  • Implementing the Market Research Agent subtracted the time-consuming operations by automatically and continuously populating the CRM, ensuring a steady stream of prospects. Within the 3 months experiment window, it resulted in a 150% increase in monthly sales calls and doubled the number of monthly contracts signed.

  • The market research department's processes have transformed from manual analysis and data entry to managing an AI-powered Agent who generates new prospects. This has upgraded the team's skills and increased the productivity of the entire sales department.

  • By automating a great part of the sales process, the company set itself apart in a competitive market, reaching potential clients faster and more efficiently through personalization and advanced filtering. The end result was an uptick in revenue growth, ultimately achieving long-term sustainability and success.

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