XOresearch and DataRoot Labs Announce Strategic Partnership

A strategic partnership to accelerate Data Science education and AI technology development.

DRL Team
AI R&D Center
25 Jun 2018
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XOresearch and DataRoot Labs Announce Strategic Partnership

XOresearch and DataRoot Labs (DRL) announced a strategic partnership to accelerate Data Science education and AI technology development.

Both companies specialize in developing products to tackle real-world problems using cutting-edge advances in Artificial Intelligence.

With this partnership, the companies aim to expand the joint course offering on the base of DataRoot University (DRU), establish an R&D center using DataRoot University as a base, gather together and mentor teams that work with XOresearch products (i.e. VER.AI) and develop new expertise.

The partnership’s main goal is the reinforcement of their individual expertise – DRL in AI & High Performance and XOresearch in state-of-the-art AI RnD.

Close collaboration between XOresearch and DRL aims to form:

  • Data Science & AI cluster in Ukraine that would unite teams in DS & AI niche and expand the cluster’s competencies.
  • Data Science & AI regional community on the CEE market to become a trusted vendor of AI Consulting and AI-as-a-Service.
With this partnership, two market leaders are joining forces to build sole expertise in AI-as-a-Service and create a single standard on the market for AI-powered projects and businesses.
Max Frolov
CEO @ DataRoot Labs

About XOresearch

XOresearch is a company focused on providing Deep Learning technology to real-life products for signal processing and healthcare. The company’s first product is called Cardio.AI, which uses deep learning to automatically annotate and interpret electrocardiograms captured and recorded by any legally marketed source. The company’s vision is to tackle health problems using cutting-edge advances in artificial intelligence.

Our companies will conduct co-marketing and upselling for existing customers and expand the range of services provided by companies. We hope to speed up the transition of available open source data and open source solutions to Data Science & AI in the community.
Maksym Diachenko
CEO & Founder @ XOresearch

About DRL & University

DRL is a full-service Data Science & Artificial Intelligence R&D company. Focus — Big Data Management & Strategy Consulting, Data Science & Engineering. Company believes that mining of new business insights using Data Science is a key to success in our fast-changing, but still — data-driven world.

DataRoot University designs and conducts advanced Data Science & Engineering courses. Founded in 2016 by DRL, DRU designed one of the most comprehensive Data Science courses in the country. With over 1K applicants, DRU have graduated more than 150 professionals in three school batches. 80% of our graduates found employment within one month after graduation.

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