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Why DataRoot University is different?

by Ivan Didur
CTO @ DataRoot Labs

Free education

Since 70% of our program is independent learning, we are able to offer the course for free. Data Science is hard and those who say otherwise are populists without hands-on industry experience. Our school will prove that to you – only 7% of the students (35 out of 500 applicants) graduate from our program.

Hardcore program

We are proud to be launching our 4th school. 950 students participated in our previous schools. In under 2 years, we have gathered an ultimate pack of study materials, workshops, and lectures in Data Science and Data Engineering programs. Completing the course literally means getting practical experience.

Accelerate with own final project

We offer an opportunity to work on your own ideas that can convert into products as you complete the course. While at school, you form a team for the final project with an option of receiving investment from us or one of the partners. During our last school, 4 out of 9 teams continued working on own projects turning ideas into products. The rest have successfully landed a job.

DataRoot Labs (DRL) as a foundation

DRU was founded by DataRoot Labsone of the largest full cycle Data Science teams in Ukraine. Each student has access to the knowledge database of the company as well its entire team. We believe that only through close cooperation with us you can truly understand what Data Science is all about.

Updated Aug 11, 2019 — 00:00 UTC