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Executive’s Guide: Smart Contracts on Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most important emerging technologies of the waning decade, with many experts believing it will change the world as we know it in the next…

Igor Sizon 26 August 2018

Data Science and Big Data Outsourcing: How to Choose Your AI Technology Partner?

Finding experts in the field of machine learning and data science is a hard and expensive task, which is why companies start considering big data outsourcing as…

Alexandra Severinchik 29 June 2018

Data Driven Decisions: Full Guide

No one wants to make mistakes, especially when doing business. A data driven decision making is the most promising, but not easy, way of cutting losses and increasing…

Igor Sizon 25 June 2018

Data Visualization with Tableau (Use Cases)

Visualizing the information is more convenient than delving into the complex data table collections because the human brain easily digests the graphics, unlike the…

Igor Sizon 13 June 2018

Complete list of Cryptocurrency Historical Data Sources

It’s imperative for the crypto-market analysts to have access to all sorts of cryptocurrency historical data. However, because the majority of the crypto-exchanges…

Ivan Didur 5 June 2018