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Alexandra Severinchik


Data Science and Big Data Outsourcing: How to Choose Your AI Technology Partner?

Finding experts in the field of machine learning and data science is a hard and expensive task, which is why companies start considering big data outsourcing as…

Alexandra Severinchik 29 June 2018

XOresearch and DataRoot Labs Announce Strategic Partnership

XOresearch and DataRoot Labs announced a strategic partnership to accelerate Data Science education and AI technology development Both companies specialize in…

Alexandra Severinchik 25 June 2018 names DataRoot Labs one of the Top Big Data Consulting companies globally

Clutch released their newest report on most highly recommended companies in various IT categories. While any company can get listed on Clutch for free, only…

Alexandra Severinchik 27 May 2018

Ivan Didur: Why DataRoot University is different?

Free education Since 70% of our program is independent learning, we are able to offer the course for free. Data Science is hard and those who say otherwise are…

Alexandra Severinchik 24 March 2018